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Monitor and Control your data with DataVista®, the market leading Data Privacy and Compliance portal

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DataVista® The Data Privacy and
Compliance Portal for GDPR & CCPA

Developed by our team of legal, data security and human resources experts DataVista® enables you to easily visualise, and effectively control and monitor your company’s data compliance obligations. Reducing the time and costs associated with staying on top of the ever-increasing and challenging data compliance workload.

Built by a dedicated academic team of Data Compliance and Cybersecurity experts at Vox Securitas, DataVista® simplifies the compliance process and puts you in control. By providing real time data compliance monitoring, DataVista® delivers total transparency for your organisation.

Introducing DataVista®
Real time Data Compliance
reporting at your fingertips

Gain real time visualisation and complete control of your organisation’s data privacy compliance of international data regulations including GDPR and CCPA.
  • A single, responsive, interactive dashboard
  • Enables automation of privacy compliance related (manual) tasks for increased efficiency
  • Real time business reporting of your compliance status at your fingertips
  • Complements and integrates with your existing GDPR procedures and work streams
  • Easy to install and simple to implement

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Total Control and
Peace Of Mind

DataVista® is a complete suite of personalised management tools and resources designed to ensure your organisation is fully equipped to confidently manage data privacy and compliance obligations so that you remain compliant and stay safe.

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Consultancy Services

Your data compliance needs, our data compliance expertise

In addition to DataVista® our team of legal, data security and human resources experts are at hand to partner with you on the Path to Data Privacy Compliance for your organisation.

From a first critical analysis, through to planning and implementation, we have a range of bespoke data privacy consultancy packages tailored to your organisation’s requirements. We ensure your ongoing data privacy compliance.

We also provide on request a Compliance Auditing Service for businesses that require additional peace of mind.

1. Analysis

Identify all compliance issues, risks and vulnerabilities.

2. Road Map

Build a detailed list of priorities and a map of your critical path.

3. Implementation

Establish key roles, responsibilities and protocols to achieve all tasks.

4. Alignment

Initiate on-boarding program to align the organisation an monitor in the real time dashboard.

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